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How Speaking Smoothly?

1.85 usd

How speaking smoothly?Confirm it in this game.The way to play is easy.Only speaks the displayed sentences.Droid hears it, and the pronunciation is checked and evaluated.When scoring high and low scoring, Droid do reaction.
The utterance is called "Katsuzetsu" in Japan. Checking "Katsuzetsu" in Japan becomes popular. Let's Katsuzetsu Check!
This appli uses the [Voice Search] of google. Please check whether [Voice Search] is installed when the voice input doesn't operate. The Internet connection environment is necessary.
There is a free version, too. First of all, please confirm the operation in a free version.
[Caution] The author and droid isn't fluent in English. Therefore, the score might be low even if you pronounces correctly. Interesting, please enjoy the mis-conversion.
[Function] (1)The number of recorded sentences is 900 or more. (2)Sentences can be selected from Japanese and English. If your cell phone cannot display Japanese, the appli such as [MoreLocale 2] might have to be installed. (3)It's possible to select the category, and to squeeze the range of kind of sentences. [Basic] [Saying] [Tongue twister] [Dialect] :Japanese only [Love] :Japanese only [Trivia] [Business] [Sexy]
The copyright of droid is in Google.droid used and produced [Androidify].
Please evaluate, and comment if you can like this application. Moreover, Please contact me with mail if trouble and the demand, etc. are found.
-------------------------------------Example of sentences
The male platypus has venomAluminum is a metal that is most abundant in the worldCanned coffee and instant coffee was invented by the JapaneseHippo sweat is pinkEven reading a book in the dark, not bad eyesIt is much colder than the North Pole in the South PoleThe most filthy human body is between the toesDo not give dogs onionZebra scalp is grayThe dolphin is drownedGiraffe's cry looks like the cowThe bear gives birth to a child while hibernatingFlag of Paraguay has a different pattern in the front and backThe bullfight doesn't react to a red colorNewt poison is tetrodotoxinDo not give the pet bird's boneA cat may look at a kingA Iittle learning is a dangerous thingEvery dog has its dayLove me, love my dogGive a dog a bad name and hang himYou can't teach an old dog new tricksWhat the eye does not see the heart does not grieve overA bargain is a bargainA bellowing cow soon forgets her calfA bird in the hand is worth two in the bushA burnt child dreads the fireA cat has nine livesA change is as good as a restA constant guest is never welcomeA creaking gate hangs long on its hingesA drowning man will catch at a strawA fool and his money are soon partedA new broom sweeps cleanA woman kissed is half wonlove at first sightShe sends you her loveThe river flows between the two countriesThey are between jobssee the sights of New YorkYou dirty dog!a young childI'm not getting any youngerclose an umbrellaclose the dooran open envelopethe open seaShe was like a daughter to meYou sound like a professorcry one's eyes outShe has blue eyesDid you enjoy your trip?Have a nice tripThe car is high in priceThese shoes are pinching my feetThanks for bringing a smile to my faceShe always has an expressionless faceShe sells seashells by the seashoreThe shells she sells are surely seashellsSo if she sells shells on the seashoreI'm sure she sells seashore shellsThe right switch is the light switchThe light switch is the right switchRed Leather, yellow leatherSix thich thistle sticksPeter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers
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